Employees collaborate using a glassboard

Competitive businesses call for a heavily productive work environment to keep the workflow smooth. CBM has come up with a list of 5 essential workplace products to boost the productivity and creativity of your office.

5 Products to help boost workflow in an office:

1.     Smartboards & Copyboards

Smartboard and copyboards are advanced pieces of technology proven to be essential in the modern-day office. Both open up unexplored avenues of collaboration and creativity, especially during presentations. With a smartboard, computer and laptop screens can instantly be displayed to larger groups. Changes made on the large interactive screen reflect on the computer as well making it super-efficient. While Copyboards have a touch-controlled screen that works in conjunction with a projector and a computer. 

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Employees use a smartboard

2.      Video Conferencing Systems

Despite being a staple at multinational corporations, video conferencing solutions have now been the talk of the town now more than ever. COVID-19 induced pandemic has pushed businesses to accept the new reality and get creative. Video conferencing systems have made it possible for businesses to work remotely and collaborate from their homes. 

Any given video conferencing software can enable the mentioned application, but the advantage of having a video conferencing system is that it can be set up in one spot and consist of hardware that is connected to a computer. It utilizes significantly less bandwidth, comes with support and maintenance services. Additionally, it does not require separate software to be functional. Thus, video conferencing systems are a must-have for hassle-free meetings!

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3.     Paper Shredders

Let’s play ‘would you rather’! Would you rather have a desk with piles of paper or a neat and clean workspace? I, for sure, would want the latter. Just the thought of having a cluttered workspace tires me out!

Not only can a clean desk space have an effect on work but it can significantly improve mental capacity. Paper shredders are an essential machine to get rid of useless documents that are taking up space on your desk or even the cabinets. Whether you need a small, large, high or low-security shredder, we got you! Check out our wide range of paper shredders here.

Person uses shredder in their office

4.     Document Handling Solutions

CBM has you sorted with the useless documents, let us now talk about the important ones. We got your back there too, Jack! Collators and Document Handling Stack Wagons are the best solutions for stacking papers and keeping your office space organized. Both help organize, carry, and manage stacks of papers whether large or small. While both are extremely easy to use. The collator's efficient design allows it to be operated through the touch buttons installed for easy operation.

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5.     Speed Up Redundant Tasks

Modern technology has taken up most of our daily tasks however, there are certain work-related operations that need to be done manually. For instance, signing cheques, inserting documents into envelopes, folding papers, etc. While seemingly small tasks, they can be time-consuming. To aid modern workplaces in speeding up the process of performing these tasks, CBM brings you a wide range of paper machines that will dramatically decrease the number of hours spent on such manual work. Check out some options here

We are lucky to be living in the modern technological era where our daily workload has been digitalized but figuring out what is required and which product will do the job is a task in itself. At Clary Business Machines, we are constantly working towards making your job easier to find the most fitting office solutions for our customers. We hope this list has helped you!