Plus having had a diverse portfolio of innovating state of the art technology, brings its latest line of copyboards. The Plus C-20W copyboard is a unique copyboard loaded with functions designed to make the lives of its users a lot easier. The unique surface for both projection and writing is now even further improved with a better glossier display that is easy to navigate on.

The two writing panels allow enough space for the user to write and completely be at peace of mind from running out of space. The USB memory stick port allows for easy connectivity to store the data currently being viewed instantly. The second USB port for Direct PC Connectivity allows a computer to be hooked up with the copyboard further enhancing its capabilities.

The Plus C-20W copyboard can be controlled from the users iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android smartphone, greatly easing the control mechanism for the user to control from. The copyboard can be connected to a color inkjet Printer which allows for instant copies to be made and distributed in the audience. The C-20W’s Lightweight design immensely adds to its portability and the wall mounting makes it even more well suited to be incorporated anywhere since its minimalistic design keeps it at bay. The Optional stand with casters allows for easy room-to-room transfer. The Plus C-20W is a unique copyboard with a ton of features that can greatly enhance the productivity of any workplace, with its state of the art features the C-20W is sure to be a welcoming change to any workplace that can’t comprise on productivity.