Interactive whiteboards form a very essential part of the collaborative communication market owing to their immense usage and benefits they have to offer to users. Businessmen, artists, teachers, and several other professionals make widespread use of interactive whiteboards in their daily routines to optimize their communication.

Since the market for them has boomed, companies have found reason to work even harder on research and bringing forth competitive and innovative products. PLUS is a forerunner in this industrial race and has a complete line of impressive interactive whiteboards to its credit. Of these, the PLUS UPIC-W72M Wireless Interactive Whiteboard is a clear standout due to its distinct abilities.

PLUS UPIC-W72M Wireless Interactive Whiteboard is a one of its kind whiteboard because of its portability. This lone quality is a game changer for interactive whiteboard users as most of them come with large equipment that is hard to move around and is thus suitable for installation in one room only.

But this one is different! The whiteboard sheet is foldable and extremely lightweight, allowing consumers to carry it around conveniently to any room. This makes it highly suited to applications such as teaching as teachers need to go to different classrooms. To assist transportation, it comes with a case for carrying it around.

PLUS UPIC-W72M works via Bluetooth and thus is free from all hassles related to wires and cords. The digital pen provided with it wirelessly communicates with the system with remarkable accuracy. All it takes is an initial calibration which takes nothing but a few seconds.

PLUS UPIC-W72M Wireless Interactive Whiteboard is the ultimate tool for professionals due to all these qualities. It offers one of the most intuitive user interfaces of all. All functions are easily accessible via its clear menu and making annotations is natural.

To make user experience enjoyable, PLUS has incorporated Dot Matrix Sheet technology in this functional whiteboard. This remarkable feature makes writing on it very smooth, as there are a large number of detection points. This is a major factor in increasing users’ interest as such a pleasurable feel stimulates the mind and encourages participation.

PLUS has set the bar high for its competitors with the UPIC-W72M Wireless Interactive Whiteboard. Professionals who are seeking portable communication solutions with decent capabilities need to have it at the top of their priority list.