Upgrade Your Office Equipment with Revolutionary Plusboards


The Plusboard is a state-of-the-art interactive whiteboard, leading the next generation of whiteboards in this age of technology. With OLED’s replacing the traditional Televisions, 7th generation processors replacing its predecessor, and other such advancements, the Plusboard while slowly take over the role of the whiteboard and eventually make its way into all the markets around the world. Instead of relying on outdated technology, improve the environment of your workplace with the best that the market has to offer!

The Plusboard offers top of the line interactive whiteboards, which offer an immersive experience with both single and multi-touch capacities, allowing an interactive experience for the user. They offer multiple additional features such as wireless Bluetooth connectivity, resulting in ease to connect other devices without the unnecessary hassle. Why bother with whiteboards when you can do more with ease by adapting the Plusboard?

Schools have been suffering from the lack of attention of the students. The exam results have deteriorated as more and more students are used to mobile phones and computers. Whiteboards no longer fit the cut, as they cannot cater to the attention span of the modern student. Integrating the Plusboard is the next logical step, which allow for greater interactivity, making it easier for pupil to understand the hardest of concepts.

As robotics and artificial intelligence are slowly seeping into the industry, replacing the traditional machinery, the Plusboard is the perfect replacement in offices! Need to explain the latest market trends to your boss without consuming too much of his time? Just turn on the interactive whiteboard and demonstrate your skills without spending too much time writing or erasing!  

When you can provide a much clearer picture with the substantial computing power of the prevailing technology, why stick to traditional means? With the multitude of features and the impressive interactivity that it has to offer, why even hesitate to consider moving on to the Plusboard?