Interactive whiteboard projectors make modernized collaborations and sharing of knowledge in various fields much easier by replacing conventional collaborative techniques. Various international brands are introducing the latest interactive whiteboard types instilled with innovative attributes in each new model. One of the latest series of interactive whiteboard projectors with amazing features is the Promethean Activboard series. It comes with dry-erase writing, multi-touch functionality, and specialized software, all of which provide a highly interactive learning experience for the users.

Software Packages of Promethean Activboards

Promethean Activboards have come forward as specialized whiteboards for classrooms since these come along with the software supports including ActivInspire and Classflow technologies. ActivInspire comes loaded with valuable lessons and activities helpful in engaging students to the maximum. Activity Builder, an upcoming tool in ActivInspire will also enable users to produce desirable patterns in learning, including Matching and Categorizing techniques combined with previous Flipchart tool. On the other hand, ClassFlow comes with advanced collaboration tools for student engagement in lessons. It also strengthens the classroom atmosphere with interactive activities, lessons, exercises, and various other immersive resources from multitalented educators. With Promethean Activboard, students can collaborate proficiently with the help of incredibly high-resolution visuals, powerful speakers, and multi-touch functionalities.

Major Types of Electronic Whiteboards

Generally, there are four major whiteboard types based on their built-in technology, i.e. infrared boards (pen-based), electromagnetic boards (pen-based), mesh board (touch-based) and infrared board (touch-based). Among these, pen-based infrared whiteboards are the most economical and just require a specialized dongle attached to a simple whiteboard and battery-powered pen to work. Electromagnetic whiteboards are slightly more expensive than infrared whiteboards. These use a copper wire mesh that detects the input, avoiding the use of the battery-powered pen. Touch based mesh boards allow the use of both finger touch and a pen for interacting. The touch based infrared boards are the most popular among all interactive whiteboard types. This is because most of these magnetic in nature and possess unique features of all the types stated above.

Portable Electronic Whiteboards

With the ease of installation and minimization of investment and maintenance cost, portable electronic whiteboards are also gaining attention these days. Such interactive whiteboard type transforms any conventional whiteboard, flat wall or plain surface into a full fledge interactive whiteboard projector. This type of interactive whiteboards can couple easily with other technologies such as iPads and other collaboration tools. Portable electronic whiteboard works upon gesture recognition, which empowers the user with maximum control and navigation. The sensor and computer link via USB cable. Gesture recognition feature of Portable electronic whiteboards provides users with the ability to write, zoom in and out, scroll, as well as delete with simple hand movements. Currently, ChinaVasion and Boardshare are leading manufacturers of portable whiteboards.

While considering academic environments, Promethean Activboard appears as the most appealing interactive whiteboard projectors given their advanced software supports and collaboration tools. You can purchase different models of Promethean Activboard from the Electronic Whiteboard Warehouse, which is a leading online electronic store with best customer support services. The sale prices and rapid delivery nationwide makes Electronic Whiteboard Warehouse a favorable platform among clients for professional and academic settings.