Working From Home Office Workstation Planning Tools Plan

A person works from home with their cat by their side.

We all know being in a global pandemic plunged us all into a new reality, especially in terms of working in an office. Even though it has been quite a while for us working from home, we still find ourselves struggling and waiting for all of it to be over so we can head back to the office. Well, until that time comes, we must make the best out of what we have right now.

For that purpose exactly, we have come up with a comprehensive list of “DOs & DON’Ts” while working from home to help you boost your productivity!

Here is a list of the major "DOs & DON'Ts" that you should look out for while working from home:


1. Get ready for work from home like you would for an office day.

Getting ready helps your mind get into a state of alertness and gives it a signal to wake up and get to work. You don't necessarily have to wear office clothes but please change those pajamas that you've been sleeping in for two days straight!

Looking presentable would make you feel like you're about to do something important (which is true!) and give you the motivation to start the day on a high note.

Working From Home Office Workstation Planning Tools Plan Mirror

A person stands in front of a mirror to get ready for work.

2. Have a hearty breakfast with your favorite cup of coffee.

Yes, we know just getting out of bed and getting a quick fix is something all of us opt for because who wants to put that much effort in the morning, right? Wrong! Your body just woke up and deserves an energy boost to get your system working.

Skipping breakfast is an absolute productivity killer. (Fact: Not having breakfast negatively affects your cognitive performance, which contributes to low productivity levels.)

And, don’t forget to give yourself a caffeine boost with your favorite cup of coffee in the end!

Working From Home Office Workstation Planning Tools Plan Coffee

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3. Set up your workstation.

By that, we do not mean setting up your laptop on your dining table or worse, in bed.

Pick a space in your house that has zero distractions, and set it up with items that help you feel like you’re at work. At Clary Business Machines we have an extensive list of Work from home products that can boost productivity and make you more efficient.  

Making an environment that signals your mind that you’re in a work zone helps you be more productive and efficient with your work. Just think about being in bed VS being at your workstation, the difference in the state of mind is huge!

Working From Home Office Workstation Planning Tools Plan Desk

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4. Plan things out.

Set objectives and goals that you need to achieve every single day. Go for short-term tasks that are easily achievable and rank them based on priority. This will help you achieve your targets for the day on time. Using planning tools such as Trello and Quire also help a lot in this planning process.

Working From Home Office Workstation Planning Tools Plan Priority List

A priority list is showcased.


1. Don't work in comfortable spaces.

Yes, you heard that right! We don’t mean be uncomfortable, we just mean don’t be too comfortable. Having your laptop open in your lap as you sit in your bed is not a good idea and will surely make you sleepy. Work at your desk where you're sitting upright so your mind remains alert.

Working From Home Office Workstation Planning Tools Plan Sitting Position

Optimal and non-optimal positions to work from home are showcased.

2. Don't take too many breaks.

While working from home it's easy to go off the track and take too many breaks, that's why it's always optimal to keep a watch on yourself or time your breaks in order to stay on track.

We know, we know, your cat is too cute and just won't let you work... BUT, you need to fight for your rights. Do not let the oppressors win, we shall stand tall against the cruelty! #ResistTheUrgeToPet

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This could be you, but you have work.

3. Don't take your work lightly.

At the end of the day, you may be working from home but you’re still working. It’s ideal to make a daily plan and stick to it, if you feel like you may be working too slow or procrastinating, set short-term time-based goals for yourself.

Working From Home Office Workstation Planning Tools Plan Play

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4. That being said, don't be too hard on yourself.

If you beat yourself up over the tiniest of off-tracking, you are likely to tire yourself out quickly. It's okay to go off track sometimes but it's good to keep yourself in check.

Working From Home Office Workstation Planning Tools Plan Rest

A person sits with their head down at their desk.

We know the WFH situation feels less like working from home and more like living at work. Along with that, the pandemic situation isn't making things any easier for anyone. Living in constant fear and still having to give your 100% does take a toll on your mental well-being.

Well, we're here to tell you that it's going to be okay! The worst is over and we just have to power through the last and tiny bit of it. Nations have come out of these situations way stronger than before, and we shall do the same. Keep your head up and keep going, you're doing great!

In no time we'll be sitting with our friends, and we’ll laugh when we remember all of this.

Working From Home Office Workstation Planning Tools Plan You Got This

We're rooting for you!

And for the WFH situation, keep these DOs and DON'TS in mind and make the best out of your time at home. Happy working!