The New Plus N-314 series was specifically designed for offices or environments where protecting information is top priority. Have confidence, knowing the information is secure. The Plus N-314 Copyboard allows the user multiple ways of interacting with it, some of them include the Network Printing Capability which allows the user to print from printers on their network via connection to a PC. The Plus N-314 Copyboard provides 4 panels of writing space in which the sheet is stored in a loop formation, with 4 panels of writing space! Move the sheet forward or backward electronically or with a touch of the hand, it will never run out of space! The Built-in Software of the Plus N-314 Copyboard instantly gives access to its features, requiring no other software for operation, just connect the computer to the board via a USB cable to save anything, both PC and Mac are compatible. The software supports PDF, JPG and PNG, therefore users can easily save image files to USB memory or a PC. The surface of the N-31 Series boards are easy to move, the scrolling force needed has been reduced to 7 oz. (0.2kg) - a vast improvement compared to the previous model's 3 lbs. (1.4kg). PLUS, has once again improved scanning time, the Plus N-314 Copyboard scans in a mere 1.5 seconds, an improvement of 8 seconds over the previous model. Security and Validation on the Plus N-314 Copyboard requires Alpha numeric characters and special symbols, instead of alpha only characters, maximizing security. The Data is transferred in encrypted SSL security format eliminating any threats to hacking. The N-314 copyboard allows Up to 100 users profile to be programmed into the board. Meeting notes can be saved to a specific users FTP site or to the boards’ memory. Just install the Meeting Pocket App (MTG pocket) and gain access to many useful and time-saving meeting tools. Both Apple iOS® and Google Android™ mobile operating systems are supported, so the users can use their iPhone®, iPad®, iPod® or Android™ phone. Therefore, the Plus N-314 copyboard is one essential piece of technology which is a must for the 21st century office.