Write thoughts and print them out! PLUS, has been an innovator in copyboard design since the 1980s. The newest line of copyboards offer industry-first, advanced features such as network integration and smartphone compatibility. PLUS, offers a variety of copyboards to suit any need or budget. All copyboards include a 90-day warranty, ensuring that the delivered product is as advertised. PLUS, is the first to offer the first electronic copyboards with network integration and smartphone functions. These advanced color copyboards allow the user to save their notes to a network so that anyone on the team can access the notes from their personal computer or smartphone. The ideal environment for the Plus copyboards is where information is critically sensitive. This may include, Government agencies and subcontractors, OEM auto manufacturers’ and suppliers, Architects, Engineers, Clothing industry, Insurance Agencies, Financial Planning, Oil and Gas industry, Power & Electric, and others. This is because Plus has managed to ensure that each and every requirements of the users is fulfilled ranging from interactivity to security and this is made sure using our state of the art features that include Network Printing Capability which allows to Print from printers on the network via connection to a PC, Password Security and Validation using advanced combinations of alphanumeric keys to ensure high level of security, SSL Security ensuring a high level encryption of data , IC Card allows the user to scan FTP servers, Multiple Users can use the board with their IDs programmed into the board, Multiple FTP Sites can be accessed at a time. The Plusboard copyboards are a state of the art industry leading copyboard manufacturers that have proven themselves in the fields of data security and interactivity solutions ensuring the best return on cost to the user in the applied area.