Installation Services

Interactive Whiteboard Bundle Installation

Why We Are Different

We specialize in professional and reliable installation of Interactive Collaborative Solution Systems. Our trained technicians's installations speak for themselves. You'll be satisfied with the quality of the work and we guarantee that the installed products will deliver the highest quality performance for a long time.
We just don't go and install products. We take the time to understand your requirements, goals and what you wish to achieve with your equipment before we map out a plan for the installation. Understanding you requirments beforehand, lets us tailor the solution to your needs and leads to very high satisfaction rates among our customers. We also take into account the ambience, space, aesthetics and audience considerations so that we deliver an installation that is the best possible, hands down!

What's Included

Clary Business Machines will provide a professional, reliable wall mount installation of your Electronic Whiteboard.
Our well-trained staff specializes in safe, clean installation of electronic whiteboards and our installation services are second to none!

How it Works Onsite

Here are the steps we will take to complete a safe installation of your Electronic Whiteboard:

  • Verify the Electronic Whiteboard and miscellaneous equipment is onsite. Take inventory of the equipment. Notify you of any discrepancies.
  • Verify with you or your designated site contact, the location where the unit is to be installed.
  • Install the unit at the location specified.
  • Installation will be complete per the specified Product Manual and Guidelines.
  • Install mounting brackets on wall or assemble mobile cart.
  • Mount Whiteboard on mounting bracket
  • Connect to Ethernet and power (both existing)
  • Turn On and Verify Function with you or your designated site contact
  • Obtain Sign Off!

We assume that:

  • We will have access to all required areas of the building necessary
  • We will have the ability to hook up to the existing network for testing purposes
  • You will supply us with all of the equipment and materials to complete the installation (unless purchased through Clary Business Machines)
  • No cabling or electrical work is included in this work.

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