Mobile Partition Board

Mobile Partition Board

PLUS Information Board

Dual side magnetic non interactive whiteboard, writing panel of W17.7" x H40", ideal whiteboard for entry ways or display centers.

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  • Light weight
  • Elegant design
  • Dry Erase board
  • Magnetic Surface
  • Double sided whiteboard
  • Easy to move to different locations

The PLUS information board is an ideal fit for users looking for an elegant entry or a hallway board. PLUS information board provides user to draw, write and erase notes on the information board and use it for various purposes.

The PLUS information board is an perfect whiteboard for display centers or entry ways. The whiteboard has a stylish design that catches the attention of anyone passing by it. This whiteboard is ideal to use in entry ways to pass important information. With its magnetic surface, users can attach documents or bulletins on this whiteboard.

PLUS information board comes with 4 durable casters. It also has 2 locks to ensure stability and safety. This whiteboard is a great for A3 and A4 size posters. This whiteboard has a painter steel surface that is ghost resistant and offers great erasability.

The stand option makes this an easy standing information board for users looking for an elegant entry or a hallway board.

Basic Attributes
Product NamePLUS Information Board
Surface TypeDry Erase, Magnetic Glass
Frame MaterialAluminum
Input MethodDry Erase Markers
Dimensions (H”x W”x D”)H55" x W22" x D15" (H1400×W515×D390mm)
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Installation Method


Floor Stand

External Dimensions 
(Without Marker Tray)


H55" x W22" x D15" (H1400×W515×D390mm)

Writing Surface 


W17.7" x H40"









Available colors



Q.) What are the dimensions?
The dimensions of PLUS information board are 17.5"W x 35"H.

Q.) How is the surface of the whiteboard?
The surface of this whiteboard is dry-erase

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