Plus UPIC-64M Wireless Interactive Whiteboard

Plus UPIC-64M Wireless Interactive Whiteboard

Plus UPIC-W72M Wireless Interactive Whiteboard

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72'' 1- Touch (Pen) Electromagnetic Interactive Whiteboard- 4:3 Aspect Ratio
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  • 72” portable sheet-type interactive panel designed to be magnetically attached to a steel wall, whiteboard etc.
  • Light weight, compact and convenient to set up
  • Wireless Bluetooth technology enabled
  • Comes with easy to use Touch and Draw Software
  • Has functionalities of 3 presentation tools combined into one
  • Anoto pattern reading system using Anoto pen
  • Works with Windows PC and any Projector
  • Included digital pen works with AAA batteries which contains an integrated digital camera, an advanced image microprocessor and a mobile communications device for wireless connection

The Plus UPIC-W72M is a 72” sheet-type panel which simply pairs the pen with a Bluetooth-enabled computer (or the included Bluetooth USB dongle) and the UPIC-W72M panel becomes an interactive board. The UPIC-W72M has the ability to be unrolled against any surface and allows the user to operate a computer directly from projected image by using a unique digital pen which incorporates Bluetooth transceiver. By simply turning on a digital projector and a computer, the 72” UPIC wireless panel turns into an interactive writing surface. In addition to this, in order to calibrate the UPIC panel, the user touches the 4 marks on the corners of the projected image using the digital pen. UPIC’s pen takes digital snapshots which are transferred via Bluetooth to the PC which projects the writing in real-time.

Furthermore, easy to use Touch and Draw Software is packed with a variety of different features and allows users to annotate as well as insert graphics onto the projected area. Along with annotations, users have the ability to save the digitally written comments along with the original projected image as a new digital image file. Plus UPIC-W72M wireless interactive has the capability to be used as three presentation tools in one. Apart from being used as an interactive whiteboard, the UPIC-W72M can be used as a dry-erase whiteboard as well as an anti-glared projection surfaced screen.

Basic Attributes
Product NamePlus UPIC-W72M Wireless Interactive Whiteboard
Number of Touch Inputs1
Aspect Ratio4:3
Surface MaterialMagnetic
Diagonal Size (Inches)72
Input MethodPen
Touch Sensing TechnologyElectromagnetic
Surface TypeDry Erase, Projection
Operating SystemWindows XP (Home Edition / Professional Edition Service Pack 3 or later), Vista 32-bit versions, Windows 7 32-bit/64-bit
Dimensions (H”x W”x D”)42.1 x 64.2 x 0.4
Warranty3 years
Included SoftwareTouch and Draw Software
Touch InterfaceBluetooth
Included AccessoriesDigital pen, Stylus for digital pen, AAA alkali battery (1.5V), Markers (Black and Red x 1), Eraser, Carrying Case, User's manual(simple), Manual for digital pen, CD-ROM (UPIC utility, UPIC Touch&Draw, User's manual(detailed)[PDF])
Country of OriginJapan
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Type of Installation

Magnet sheet type

External dimensions

W 64.2 x D 0.4 x H 42.1 inches W 1630 x D 11.3 x H 1070 mm

Weight (Not including pen or accessories)

approx. 6.2 lb / 2.8 kg




W 63 x H 41.3 inches/W 1600 xH 1050 mm

Projection area size

72 inch (16:9) Max

Reading system

Anoto pattern reading using Anoto pen



Model Name


Power Supply

AAA alkali battery (1.5V) x 1


Conforming to Bluetooth® 2.0 class

Main unit weight

Approx. 40g / 0.1 lb (including battery)

Operating time

During continuous drawing - approx. 5 hours; In standby - approx. 150 hours (with cap removed)




0°C - 40°C


30-85% (with no condensation)



White screen mode


Overlay screen mode


Mouse mode



Pen color (8 colors) /Maker color (8 colors)/Eraser/Pen & eraser size selection/insertion of pictures/Deleting of page contents/Screen mode selection/Printing/File input & output



Marker writing



Digital pen x 1, Stylus for digital pen x 1, AAA alkali battery (1.5V) x 1, Markers (Black and Red x 1), Eraser x 1, Carrying Case x 1, User’s manual(simple) x 1 .Manual for digital pen x1, CD-ROM (UPIC utility, UPIC Touch&Draw, User’s manual(detailed)[PDF]) x 1



Compatible Operating Systems

XP (Home Edition / Professional Edition Service Pack 3 or later)/Vista 32-bit versions

Compatible computer types

Preinstalled models operating on one of the operating system above


Pentium 4 processor or later


512MB or greater

Hard disk

200MB or greater

Display resolution

1024 x 768 pixels or greater, High Color or greater


Bluetooth® adapter, standard computer USB port, CD-ROM drive

Compatible Bluetooth® stacks

Microsoft® Bluetooth® stack
Broadcom’s Widcomm® Bluetooth® software stack
Toshiba Bluetooth® stack
BlueSoleil Bluetooth® stack


  • User Manual
  • Data Sheet

  • Demo Video

    • Digital pen
    • Stylus for digital pen
    • AAA alkali battery (1.5V)
    • Markers (Black and Red x 1)
    • Eraser
    • Carrying Case
    • User's manual (simple)
    • Manual for digital pen
    • CD-ROM (UPIC utility, UPIC Touch&Draw, User's manual(detailed)[PDF])
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